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How much do you charge for a Professional Headshot session?

My rate is $150 for a Headshot session fee in the studio.  I like to keep things simple so there are no limits on time or the number of clothing change during your session.  We take as much, or as little, time as you want to create your headshots.  There is no rush.

For location Headshots, my session fee is $300 because there is more time involved with location sessions from scouting the perfect spot, loading equipment and travel.

When should I schedule my Professional Headshot session?

I recommend calling as soon as you see a need for a new headshot.  It generally takes 2 weeks from your session until you receive your selected files.  So I always say to plan ahead.  I do offer rush service if needed.

What happens after my session?


After your session, I will go through all of your images and pick the best of the best.  This is usually 25 to 30 images depending on your session.  I will place them in a Dropbox folder and send you a link.  Once you have taken your time to go through them, let me know which you have selected and I will retouch them and place them back in the Dropbox folder for you to download.  This usually takes about 2 weeks depending on how quick you make your selections.

How much do you charge for each retouched file?

I charge $50 for each retouched file that you select.  I go over your selected files and remove those fly away hairs, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and smooth skin.

What colors of backgrounds do you use?

As I said, I like to keep things simple so I shoot headshots on black, gray, and white backgrounds.  The background should never be a distraction.

What should I wear for my headshot?

OK, here we go!  Let's break this down for you.  It's really pretty easy if you look at these three basic principles.  Color and Patterns, Style and Fit, and Accessories.  Make sure your clothes fit well. Try them on a few days before your session just to check.  Normally, a little snug is better than baggy and loose.

Color and Patterns

For both men and women, black and/or white may be your “go to” colors but pulling details out of black or white can be challenging for any photographer.  If you love wearing black or white, by all means bring it along, but also bring along some colorful options. 

For the ladies:  If you have what you call “your colors,” bring items from that palette, or try hues that bring out your eye color and enhance your skin tone. Rich colors and jewel tones are great choices for almost all women.

For the guys:  Try to avoid a plain white shirt but if a white shirt is your signature look, highlight it with an interesting tie.

Style and Fit

Ladies:  Crew, boat or narrow v-necks are always flattering and will always lay nicely. We want to be sure we can see your top after the image is cropped. Lets avoid the standup collars. If you typically wear a jacket to work, bring a couple of jacket choices, but you do not need to wear a jacket to look professional.

You need to avoid:

  • short sleeves or sleeveless styles (unless you’ve got “buff” arms and want to show them off)

  • low necklines

  • busy or trendy patterns or plaids

  • turtlenecks

  • shiny fabrics — no silk or satin


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